Why oil concentration matters

Perfumes and colognes are a luxurious indulgence that can transform the way we feel, smell, and even the way we are perceived by others. However, not all fragrances are created equal, and one of the most critical factors that affect their quality is the concentration of fragrance oil. In this blog, we'll explore why fragrance oil concentration matters in perfumes and colognes and explain how Barrett Fragrances uses extrait de parfum for its exceptional scents.

Why Does Fragrance Oil Concentration Matter?

Fragrance oil concentration is the amount of essential oils and aromatic compounds used in a perfume or cologne. The concentration determines the strength, longevity, and complexity of the fragrance. The higher the concentration of fragrance oil, the stronger and longer-lasting the scent will be.

There are four main types of fragrance oil concentrations:

  1. Eau de Cologne (EDC) - has the lowest concentration of fragrance oil, usually ranging from 2-5%. This type of fragrance is light, fresh, and typically lasts up to two hours.

  2. Eau de Toilette (EDT) - has a concentration of 5-15% fragrance oil. This type of fragrance is stronger than EDC and typically lasts up to four hours.

  3. Eau de Parfum (EDP) - has a concentration of 15-20% fragrance oil. This type of fragrance is stronger than EDT and can last up to eight hours.

  4. Extrait de Parfum - has the highest concentration of fragrance oil, typically ranging from 20-30%. This type of fragrance is the most potent, complex, and long-lasting.

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