50 Cal Inspired by Tobacco Vanille


Introducing 50 Cal, a fragrance that pays homage to the timeless elegance of Tobacco Vanille. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of scents that unfold like a captivating story. Opening with a robust blend reminiscent of Tobacco Vanille, this scent evokes a sophisticated warmth that transcends time. The top notes tantalize with a nuanced fusion of sweet vanilla and the smoky allure of tobacco, setting the stage for a luxurious olfactory journey. As the fragrance evolves, hints of spicy oriental notes add complexity and depth, creating an aromatic experience that is both bold and refined. The base notes resonate with the intensity of 50 Cal, leaving an indelible mark of charisma and confidence. With each lingering trail, 50 Cal becomes a testament to the enduring allure of Tobacco Vanille, embodying the essence of sophistication and timeless charm. Elevate your senses with this modern interpretation that stands as a fragrant testament to the classics.

Top Notes:

  1. Tobacco: The fragrance opens with the robust and aromatic scent of tobacco, setting the tone for a rich and warm olfactory experience.
  2. Vanilla: Sweet and inviting, vanilla intertwines with the tobacco in the top notes, creating a smooth and comforting introduction.

Middle Notes:

  1. Spices: A blend of oriental spices, such as cinnamon, adds a touch of warmth and complexity to the heart of the fragrance, enhancing its depth.

Base Notes:

  1. Tonka Bean: Adding a creamy and almond-like sweetness, tonka bean in the base notes complements the vanilla, creating a luscious and velvety foundation.
  2. Cocoa: A subtle hint of cocoa contributes to the fragrance's richness, providing a decadent undertone to the base.
  3. Dry Fruits: The inclusion of dry fruits adds a nuanced sweetness, enhancing the overall complexity of the base notes.
  4. Woody Accords: A combination of woody notes, such as cedar or sandalwood, provides a sturdy and lasting base for the fragrance.

"50 Cal" is a meticulously crafted fragrance that captures the essence of Tobacco Vanille, featuring a robust tobacco and vanilla opening, a spiced heart, and a luxuriously sweet and woody base. This blend results in a sophisticated and timeless scent that is both alluring and comforting, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate the fusion of classic and contemporary fragrances.