Atlantic Lichen inspired by Pacific Rock Moss


Embark on a coastal journey with "Atlantic Lichen," a fragrance inspired by the invigorating essence of Pacific Rock Moss. This captivating blend opens with the zesty embrace of Italian Lemon, infusing freshness into every moment. Sage and Moss harmonize in the heart notes, creating a verdant and earthy accord that evokes the scent of a coastal breeze. Geranium adds a touch of floral sophistication, while Virginia Cedar anchors the composition with a woody resonance. As you wear "Atlantic Lichen," you'll find yourself immersed in the invigorating scent of nature, reminiscent of sunlit shores and the crisp ocean air. It's a fragrance that transcends time, offering a refreshing escape that is both timeless and contemporary. With each spritz, "Atlantic Lichen" becomes a fragrant voyage, making it the perfect choice for those who seek the allure of coastal charm and the invigorating essence of the sea.

Top Notes:

  1. Italian Lemon: The fragrance opens with the bright and zesty notes of Italian Lemon, creating an invigorating and refreshing top note.

Heart Notes:

  1. Sage: Sage contributes an herbal and aromatic quality, adding depth to the heart of the fragrance.
  2. Moss: Moss introduces an earthy and green accord, evoking the scent of coastal vegetation and nature.
  3. Geranium: Geranium adds a touch of floral sophistication to the heart notes, balancing the herbal and mossy elements.

Base Notes:

  1. Virginia Cedar: The fragrance concludes with the grounding and woody notes of Virginia Cedar, providing a solid and lasting foundation.

"Atlantic Lichen" is a carefully curated fragrance that captures the essence of coastal landscapes, blending citrusy freshness with herbal, mossy, and woody accords. This olfactory journey is designed to evoke the invigorating and timeless charm of the sea, making it a versatile and captivating choice for those who appreciate the allure of coastal scents.