Bonfire Night Inspired by By the Fireplace


Ignite the warmth of a cozy bonfire with "Bonfire Night," a fragrance inspired by the inviting embrace of By the Fireplace. The scent opens with the spicy allure of Cloves, complemented by the subtle heat of Pink Pepper and the delicate sweetness of Orange Blossom. As the night unfolds, the heart notes reveal the smoky richness of Chestnut, the woody elegance of Guaiac Wood, and the aromatic essence of Juniper, evoking the crackling ambiance of a flickering fire. The fragrance concludes with a base that resonates with comfort and nostalgia — Vanilla adds a creamy and sweet undertone, while Peru Balsam infuses a resinous depth, and Cashmeran provides a touch of cozy sophistication. "Bonfire Night" is not just a fragrance; it's a sensory journey that transports you to the warmth of a fireside gathering, capturing the essence of shared moments and comforting aromas. Wrap yourself in the embrace of this aromatic bonfire and let the smoky sweetness linger on your skin, creating an olfactory experience that's as inviting as a night spent by the crackling flames.

Top Notes:

  1. Cloves: The fragrance opens with the warm and spicy notes of cloves, creating an inviting and aromatic top note.
  2. Pink Pepper: Pink pepper adds a subtle heat and a hint of spiciness to the opening.
  3. Orange Blossom: Orange blossom contributes a delicate and sweet floral nuance, balancing the spiciness.

Middle Notes:

  1. Chestnut: The heart of the fragrance unfolds with the rich and smoky notes of chestnut, evoking the ambiance of a bonfire.
  2. Guaiac Wood: Guaiac wood adds a woody and smoky character to the middle notes, enhancing the fragrance's depth.
  3. Juniper: Juniper introduces an aromatic and resinous quality to the heart, contributing to the overall complexity.

Base Notes:

  1. Vanilla: The base notes unfold with the sweet and creamy scent of vanilla, creating a comforting and luscious foundation.
  2. Peru Balsam: Peru balsam provides a resinous and warm quality to the base, adding depth and richness.
  3. Cashmeran: Cashmeran contributes to the fragrance's cozy and sophisticated base, providing a lingering and velvety trail.

"Bonfire Night" is a meticulously crafted fragrance that captures the essence of a fireside gathering, from the warm and spicy opening to the smoky and woody heart, and finally to the sweet and comforting base. This fragrance is an invitation to cozy moments and shared memories, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate a blend of warmth, smokiness, and sweet sophistication.