Cabo Coast Inspired by Virgin Island Water


Escape to the sun-drenched shores of "Cabo Coast," a fragrance inspired by the tropical allure of Virgin Island Water. This olfactory journey begins with a refreshing burst of Coconut, Lime, White Bergamot, and Sicilian Mandarin, evoking the blissful sensation of a coastal breeze. As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes reveal a tropical paradise, with the warmth of Ginger, the floral richness of Ylang-Ylang, Indian Jasmine, and the exotic essence of Hibiscus. The journey concludes with a base that resonates with the spirit of a beachfront retreat — White Rum adds a touch of indulgence, Sugar Cane infuses a sweet sophistication, and Musk provides a subtle allure. "Cabo Coast" is not just a fragrance; it's a scented escape to the azure waters and sun-kissed sands of Cabo, capturing the essence of carefree moments and tropical indulgence. Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of citrusy freshness, floral richness, and beachside warmth, and let "Cabo Coast" be your scented passport to a coastal paradise.

Top Notes:

  1. Coconut: The fragrance opens with the sweet and tropical notes of coconut, creating a luscious and inviting top note.
  2. Lime: Lime adds a zesty and refreshing quality to the top notes, enhancing the overall citrusy brightness.
  3. White Bergamot: White Bergamot contributes a fresh and citrusy nuance to the opening, complementing the lime.
  4. Sicilian Mandarin: Sicilian Mandarin adds a sweet and vibrant citrus note, enhancing the tropical character of the fragrance.

Middle Notes:

  1. Ginger: The heart of the fragrance unfolds with the warm and spicy notes of ginger, adding a touch of exotic warmth.
  2. Ylang-Ylang: Ylang-Ylang introduces a rich and floral sweetness to the heart, contributing to the tropical bouquet.
  3. Indian Jasmine: Indian Jasmine adds a floral and slightly sweet nuance, enhancing the overall floral richness.
  4. Hibiscus: Hibiscus contributes to the exotic and tropical floral notes in the middle, creating a lush and vibrant heart.

Base Notes:

  1. White Rum: The base notes unfold with the sweet and indulgent scent of white rum, adding a touch of Caribbean luxury.
  2. Sugar Cane: Sugar Cane provides a sweet and sugary quality to the base, enhancing the overall sweetness of the fragrance.
  3. Musk: Musk adds a subtle and sensual undertone to the base, contributing to the fragrance's overall allure.

"Cabo Coast" is a meticulously crafted fragrance that captures the essence of a tropical getaway. From the sweet and tropical opening to the lush and floral heart, and finally to the sweet and indulgent base, each note contributes to an olfactory journey that is both exotic and refreshing. This fragrance is an invitation to escape to the sun-kissed beaches of Cabo, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a blend of tropical sweetness, citrusy freshness, and beachside warmth.