Captivation inspired by l'immensite


Embark on an olfactory journey with Captivation, a fragrance that transcends boundaries and captivates the senses in a symphony inspired by the vastness of l'immensité. As you delve into this aromatic masterpiece, let the unique opening transport you to uncharted territories, where the invigorating blend of Grapefruit, Ginger, and Bergamot awakens your spirit. The middle notes, a harmonious interplay of Water Notes, Sage, Rosemary, and Geranium, evoke the soothing essence of nature's embrace. Finally, the fragrance leaves an indelible mark with its base notes of Ambroxan, Amber, and Labdanum, creating a magnetic allure that lingers in the air. Captivation is more than a scent; it's a sensory exploration that captures the essence of boundless possibilities.

Top Notes:

  • Grapefruit: A zesty and uplifting citrus note that adds a burst of freshness to the opening, creating an invigorating start to the fragrance.
  • Ginger: A spicy and warm note that adds depth and complexity, contributing a touch of vibrancy and energy to the initial impression.
  • Bergamot: A citrusy and slightly floral note that enhances the overall brightness of the top notes, providing a crisp and lively introduction.

Middle Notes:

  • Water Notes: A refreshing and aquatic accord that brings a clean and watery element to the heart of the fragrance, evoking a sense of natural serenity.
  • Sage: An herbal note with a slightly earthy and aromatic quality, adding a nuanced green character to the fragrance.
  • Rosemary: A herbaceous note that complements Sage, contributing a fresh and aromatic aspect to the middle notes.
  • Geranium: A floral note with a sweet and rosy aroma, balancing the herbal and watery elements with its delicate presence.

Base Notes:

  • Ambroxan: A modern and musky note with an ambery warmth, providing a smooth and lingering foundation to the fragrance.
  • Amber: A resinous and rich note that adds depth and complexity, imparting a warm and slightly sweet character to the base.
  • Labdanum: A smoky and resinous note that contributes a touch of mystery and sophistication, completing the fragrance with a lingering allure.