Citrus Blossom inspired by Mefisto


Indulge in the invigorating allure of Citrus Blossom, a captivating men's extrait de parfum fragrance inspired by the magnetic charm of Mefisto. Experience the vibrant burst of a citrus grove in full bloom, as zesty and refreshing notes awaken your senses. Citrus Blossom opens with a lively blend of juicy mandarin and tangy bergamot, creating a citrus symphony that invigorates the spirit. As the fragrance develops, aromatic herbs and spices intertwine, adding depth and intrigue. Finally, a warm and woody base of cedarwood and musk leaves a lasting impression, exuding masculine confidence. Unleash your inner charisma with Citrus Blossom, a fragrance that captures the essence of a vibrant and energetic soul.

Note Breakdown:

  • Top Notes: Lively mandarin and tangy bergamot create a vibrant and refreshing citrus opening, awakening the senses.
  • Heart Notes: Aromatic herbs and spices add depth and intrigue, enhancing the allure of the fragrance.
  • Base Notes: Warm and woody cedarwood, combined with sensual musk, leaves a lasting impression of masculine confidence.