Crimson Lightning inspired by Electric Cherry


Introducing "Crimson Lightning," an electrifying unisex extrait de parfum inspired by the zesty allure of Electric Cherry. With an invigorating blend of top notes including succulent cherry and fiery ginger, this fragrance sparks a sensation like no other. As it unfolds, the heart reveals the soft, sensual embrace of jasmine sambac, adding depth and complexity. Finally, the fragrance settles into its intriguing base notes of ambrettolide, pink pepper, and musk, creating a captivating and memorable experience that lingers with magnetic allure.

Note Breakdown:

  • Top Notes:

    • Cherry: Juicy and sweet, cherry provides a fruity, mouthwatering introduction.
    • Ginger: Fiery and aromatic, ginger adds a spicy, invigorating twist.
  • Middle Notes:

    • Jasmine Sambac: A sensual, floral note that enhances the fragrance's depth and richness.
  • Base Notes:

    • Ambrettolide: A musky and sweet note that imparts warmth and allure.
    • Pink Pepper: Spicy and lively, pink pepper adds an intriguing kick.
    • Musk: A classic base note that provides a smooth, long-lasting finish.