Dreamweaver inspired by Imagination


Dreamweaver, inspired by Louis Vuitton's Imagination, is a captivating fragrance that transports the senses to a realm of boundless creativity. The journey begins with vibrant top notes of Citron, Calabrian bergamot, and Sicilian orange, imparting a zesty, invigorating freshness. The heart reveals an exotic blend of Tunisian neroli, Nigerian ginger, and Ceylon cinnamon, creating a warm and spicy floral symphony. As the scent settles, it unveils a sophisticated base of Chinese black tea, ambroxan, guaiac wood, and olibanum, leaving a lingering, mesmerizing trail of earthy and smoky undertones. Dreamweaver is a harmonious composition that evokes a sense of endless possibilities and imaginative dreams.

  • Top Notes:

    • Citron: A bright, zesty citrus note that energizes and uplifts the senses.
    • Calabrian Bergamot: Adds a sparkling and refreshing citrus aroma with a hint of floral sweetness.
    • Sicilian Orange: Infuses the fragrance with a juicy, sun-kissed citrus scent, enhancing its vivacity.

    Middle Notes:

    • Tunisian Neroli: A delicate, floral note with a sweet and slightly honeyed undertone, adding elegance.
    • Nigerian Ginger: Contributes a warm, spicy kick that invigorates and adds depth.
    • Ceylon Cinnamon: Introduces a rich, spicy-sweet warmth, complementing the ginger and neroli.

    Base Notes:

    • Chinese Black Tea: Provides a smoky, earthy aroma, adding sophistication and depth.
    • Ambroxan: A synthetic ambergris note that imparts a creamy, musky, and subtly woody scent.
    • Guaiac Wood: Brings a smoky, woody character, enhancing the fragrance's complexity.
    • Olibanum: Also known as frankincense, it offers a resinous, slightly sweet balsamic note, rounding out the composition with a touch of mystique.