Fire and Ice inspired by Fahrenheit 1988


Ignite your senses with Fire and Ice, a captivating men's extrait de parfum fragrance inspired by the timeless allure of Fahrenheit, the classic 1988 formula. Experience the contrasting elements of fire and ice intertwining in a symphony of masculinity. Fire and Ice opens with a blazing combination of spicy cinnamon and fiery nutmeg, creating a sizzling and invigorating first impression. As the fragrance evolves, a cool and refreshing breeze of violet and lavender emerges, adding a touch of sophistication and balance. Finally, a smoldering base of smoky leather and woody notes lingers, leaving a trail of magnetic allure and unforgettable presence. Embrace the timeless charm of Fire and Ice and let its seductive blend set your spirit ablaze.

Note Breakdown:

  • Top Notes: Spicy cinnamon and fiery nutmeg create a sizzling and invigorating opening, igniting the senses with their intense allure.
  • Heart Notes: Cool violet and soothing lavender add a touch of sophistication and balance, creating a harmonious blend of contrasting elements.
  • Base Notes: Smoky leather and woody notes provide a smoldering and magnetic trail, leaving an unforgettable presence that embodies the essence of masculine allure.