Lapis Equus Exclusif inspired by Layton Exclusif


Indulge in the luxurious allure of "Lapis Equus Exclusif," a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of sophistication and opulence, inspired by the timeless Layton Exclusif. The top notes open with a harmonious blend of almond, mandarin orange, and bergamot, creating a tantalizing and refreshing introduction. Watery notes add a touch of aquatic freshness, invoking a sense of crisp elegance. The heart of the fragrance reveals a rich bouquet featuring civet, geranium, rose, gardenia, and water lily, intertwining floral and animalic notes for a truly captivating experience. As the scent unfolds, the base notes unfold a symphony of depth and warmth, with the luxurious combination of guaiac wood, Laotian oud, vanilla, coffee, sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli leaf, amber, oakmoss, and pink pepper. "Lapis Equus Exclusif" is a masterpiece that transcends time, enveloping you in an exclusive and irresistible aura that lingers long after each application. Immerse yourself in the refined elegance of this fragrance, a true testament to the artistry of scent.

Top Notes:

  • Almond: The fragrance opens with a sweet and nutty note of almond, providing a luscious and inviting introduction.
  • Mandarin Orange: A burst of citrusy freshness comes from mandarin orange, adding a bright and uplifting quality.
  • Bergamot: Contributing to the citrus accord, bergamot enhances the top notes with its zesty and aromatic character.
  • Watery Notes: Infusing an aquatic element, watery notes bring a refreshing and crisp facet to the opening.

Middle Notes:

  • Civet: Introducing an animalic and musky nuance, civet adds depth and sensuality to the heart of the fragrance.
  • Geranium: A floral note, geranium contributes a touch of elegance and freshness to the middle notes.
  • Rose: The classic and timeless aroma of rose enhances the heart, adding a romantic and sophisticated layer.
  • Gardenia: A rich and creamy floral note, gardenia brings a luxurious and indulgent quality to the composition.
  • Water Lily: Completing the aquatic theme, water lily adds a delicate and aquatic floral nuance to the middle notes.

Base Notes:

  • Guaiac Wood: The base begins to unfold with the woody and smoky essence of guaiac wood, providing a strong and robust foundation.
  • Laotian Oud: Adding an exotic and resinous touch, Laotian oud contributes to the depth and complexity of the fragrance.
  • Vanilla: A sweet and creamy note, vanilla brings a comforting and indulgent quality to the base.
  • Coffee: Introducing a rich and aromatic facet, coffee adds depth and a hint of decadence to the composition.
  • Sandalwood: The warm and woody aroma of sandalwood enhances the base notes with a creamy and velvety texture.
  • Indonesian Patchouli Leaf: Contributing an earthy and herbal nuance, Indonesian patchouli leaf adds depth and complexity.
  • Amber: Infusing a warm and radiant quality, amber enhances the overall richness of the fragrance.
  • Oakmoss: Adding a touch of green and earthiness, oakmoss contributes to the base notes, creating a well-rounded scent.
  • Pink Pepper: The base concludes with a hint of spiciness from pink pepper, providing a subtle and intriguing finish to the fragrance.