Love At First Touch Inspired by Love Don't Be Shy


Experience the enchanting allure of Love At First Touch, a captivating unisex women's eau de parfum fragrance inspired by the irresistible essence of Love Don't Be Shy. Let this fragrance be your companion in the realm of love and romance. Love At First Touch opens with a burst of sweet and juicy raspberry, creating a playful and inviting first impression. As the fragrance unfolds, notes of delicate rose and creamy marshmallow emerge, adding depth and femininity. Finally, a touch of warm vanilla and sensual caramel lingers, leaving a trail of seduction and passion. Embrace the intoxicating power of Love At First Touch and let it ignite your senses with love's sweet embrace.

Note Breakdown:

  • Top Notes: Sweet and juicy raspberry create a playful and inviting opening, evoking a sense of joy and excitement.
  • Heart Notes: Delicate rose and creamy marshmallow add depth and femininity, infusing the fragrance with a touch of romance.
  • Base Notes: Warm vanilla and sensual caramel provide a lingering trail that exudes seduction and passion, leaving a lasting impression of love's sweet embrace.