Lumina Inspired by New York Nights


"Lumina" evokes the captivating essence of bustling New York nights in a mesmerizing unisex extrait de parfum. Its enchanting top notes of gardenia, carnation, and jasmine set the stage for an olfactory adventure. The heart notes introduce a floral symphony, entwined with the freshness of sea notes and the earthy warmth of patchouli and sandalwood. As the night deepens, the fragrance leaves a lasting impression with a base of delectable caramel and comforting coffee. "Lumina" is the perfect olfactory companion for those seeking to add a touch of New York's electrifying nightlife to their every day.

  • Top Notes:

    • Gardenia: The fragrance begins with the intoxicating allure of gardenia, offering a heady, floral sweetness that lingers in the air.
    • Carnation: Adding a touch of spice and sophistication, carnation emerges to harmonize the floral symphony.
    • Jasmine: The night unfolds with the sultry, captivating notes of jasmine, invoking a sense of elegance and allure.
  • Middle Notes:

    • Patchouli: At the heart of the fragrance, earthy and woody patchouli takes the stage, lending depth and mystery.
    • Flowers: A bouquet of delicate flowers weaves a complex tapestry, introducing an intricate layer of floral beauty.
    • Sea Notes: These refreshing sea-inspired notes breathe life into the composition, reminding you of the city's proximity to the water.
    • Sandalwood: This warm, creamy note complements the heart, creating a harmonious balance of woods and florals.
  • Base Notes:

    • Caramel: As the night deepens, sweet and luscious caramel offers a gourmand allure that lingers, like a late-night dessert stop.
    • Coffee: Coffee wraps up the experience, with the comforting aroma of a freshly brewed cup, providing warmth and familiarity during the city's endless nights.