Nom Nom inspired by Yum Pistachio Gelato 33


Indulge in the irresistible sweetness of "Nom Nom," a delectable unisex extrait de parfum that draws inspiration from the delectable Yum Pistachio Gelato 33. This fragrance is an aromatic masterpiece that begins with the luscious top notes of pistachio, ice cream, bergamot, hazelnut, and a hint of rum, blended to perfection. As you journey further into its heart, a harmonious combination of lily-of-the-valley, pear, geranium, jasmine, peony, raspberry, and white peach creates an enticing and creamy sweetness. The fragrance leaves an unforgettable trail with base notes featuring whipped cream, marshmallow, cotton candy, loukhoum, tonka bean, and hints of sandalwood, cedar, and cacao. "Nom Nom" captures the pure essence of indulgence, making it your perfect signature scent for moments when you crave a touch of delectable luxury.

Note Breakdown:

  • Top Notes:

    • Pistachio: Provides a delightful nutty sweetness.
    • Ice Cream: Evokes a creamy and soft aroma.
    • Bergamot: Adds a fresh and zesty dimension.
    • Hazelnut: Enhances the fragrance with nutty warmth.
    • Rum: Introduces a subtle, sophisticated boozy note.
    • Cardamom: Offers a spicy and aromatic touch.
  • Middle Notes:

    • Lily-of-the-Valley: Imparts a delicate and floral elegance.
    • Pear: Adds a juicy, sweet facet.
    • Geranium: Enhances the floral complexity.
    • Jasmine: Contributes a white floral richness.
    • Peony: Provides a soft, floral note.
    • Raspberry: Infuses a juicy, fruity sweetness.
    • White Peach: Enhances the overall fruity sweetness.
  • Base Notes:

    • Whipped Cream: Conveys a creamy, velvety essence.
    • Marshmallow: Adds a sugary, marshmallow-like sweetness.
    • Cotton Candy: Infuses a delightful sugary note.
    • Loukhoum: Evokes a Turkish delight-inspired sweetness.
    • Tonka Bean: Imparts a warm and sweet, vanilla-like aroma.
    • Sandalwood: Provides a creamy, woody foundation.
    • Cedar: Adds a woody and aromatic depth.
    • Cacao: Completes the fragrance with a touch of rich, chocolatey sweetness. "Nom Nom" is your olfactory journey into pure indulgence and luxury, a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of sweet extravagance.