Primary Particle Inspired by Molecule 01


Step into the realm of pure and primal elegance with Primary Particle, an extraordinary unisex extrait de parfum inspired by Molecule 01. This fragrance features a single, yet remarkably complex note—Iso E Super. This molecule is celebrated for its unique ability to enhance and elevate the scents it's paired with, making Primary Particle an ideal choice for fragrance layering. By adding depth, longevity, and a sensual, woody quality to other fragrances, Primary Particle serves as the ultimate performance booster, allowing you to create your own signature scent. In its simplicity lies its power, making Primary Particle a must-have for those who appreciate the art of fragrance layering.

Note Breakdown: Single Note: Iso E Super - A versatile and enchanting aroma that enhances other fragrances when layered. Primary Particle is your essential companion for crafting a personalized olfactory experience that's truly one of a kind.