Star Boy inspired by Météore


"Star Boy" is the epitome of celestial elegance, inspired by Météore, and presented as a men's extrait de parfum. In the top notes, the zesty trio of mandarin orange, Sicilian orange, and Calabrian bergamot instantly captivate, like stars in the night sky. As the fragrance evolves, a spicy and aromatic blend of pink pepper, pepper, Tunisian neroli, Indonesian nutmeg, and Guatemalan cardamom emerges in the heart notes, adding depth and intrigue. The base notes anchor the scent with the rich and earthy essence of Java vetiver oil. "Star Boy" is your voyage to the cosmos, a fragrance that embodies the allure of the universe and the intrigue of the night.

Note Breakdown:

Top Notes: Mandarin Orange, Sicilian Orange, Calabrian Bergamot

Middle Notes: Pink Pepper, Pepper, Tunisian Neroli, Indonesian Nutmeg, Guatemalan Cardamom

Base Notes: Java Vetiver Oil