Sticky Toffee inspired by Italica


Experience the indulgent sweetness of Sticky Toffee, an exquisite extrait de parfum fragrance inspired by the delectable treat of Italica. This fragrance is designed for those who appreciate the comforting and irresistible aroma of sticky toffee. From the moment it touches your skin, Products Sticky Toffee envelops you in a warm and delectable embrace. The fragrance opens with luscious notes of caramel and brown sugar, evoking the rich and creamy essence of the beloved dessert. As it develops, hints of vanilla and buttery toffee emerge, adding layers of sweetness and depth. Finally, a touch of toasted almonds lends a nutty warmth, creating a perfectly balanced olfactory experience. Indulge your senses in the mouthwatering delight of Sticky Toffee and let its captivating aroma transport you to a world of pure indulgence.

Note Breakdown:

  • Top Notes: Luscious caramel and brown sugar create a mouthwatering opening that instantly captures the essence of sticky toffee.
  • Heart Notes: Rich vanilla and buttery toffee add layers of sweetness and depth, infusing the fragrance with irresistible gourmand notes.
  • Base Notes: Toasted almonds provide a warm and nutty undertone, creating a harmonious blend that lingers on the skin, reminiscent of the decadent Italica dessert.