Valhalla Absolu inspired by Aventus Absolu


Introducing Valhalla Absolu – a captivating fragrance for the modern man who seeks the essence of strength, courage, and invincibility. Inspired by the timeless allure of Aventus Absolu, this parfum is a symphony of notes that evoke power, sophistication, and an adventurous spirit.

At the top, Valhalla Absolu opens with a burst of invigorating Grapefruit, setting the stage for a vibrant olfactory experience. The sharp, citrusy freshness seamlessly intertwines with the zesty essence of Bergamot and the dark allure of Black Currant, creating an aura of undeniable charisma.

As the journey unfolds, the heart of Valhalla Absolu reveals a rich blend of Middle Notes that dance harmoniously on the skin. The spicy warmth of Ginger and Cardamom intertwines with the sweet allure of Cinnamon and the zesty kick of Citron, creating a magnetic and dynamic composition that captivates the senses.

The fragrance reaches its crescendo with the Base Notes, where Valhalla Absolu leaves a lasting impression that is both powerful and alluring. The sultry Pink Pepper adds a touch of mystery, while the earthy and smoky essence of Patchouli grounds the fragrance in sophistication. Vetiver, with its woody and smoky nuances, wraps up this olfactory masterpiece, leaving an unforgettable trail in the wake of the Valhalla man.

Valhalla Absolu is not just a fragrance; it's a declaration of strength, a celebration of the fearless spirit that defines the modern man. Embrace the power within and embark on an aromatic journey that echoes the legendary tales of Valhalla – where every note is a testament to the unwavering strength of the warrior within. Unleash the extraordinary with Valhalla Absolu.

Top Notes:

  • Grapefruit: A lively and invigorating burst of citrus freshness, setting the stage for the journey ahead.
  • Bergamot: A zesty, bright note that adds a touch of sophistication and vibrancy to the opening.
  • Black Currant: Dark and alluring, this note provides a subtle sweetness, balancing the citrus elements with depth.

Middle Notes:

  • Ginger: A spicy and warm essence that adds dynamism and energy to the heart of the fragrance.
  • Cinnamon: A sweet and spicy note, evoking a sense of warmth and intrigue.
  • Citron: A citrusy accent that contributes a crisp and refreshing quality.
  • Cardamom: Exotic and aromatic, cardamom infuses a captivating spiciness, enhancing the overall complexity.

Base Notes:

  • Pink Pepper: A hint of mystery and intrigue, pink pepper adds a subtle, alluring spiciness.
  • Patchouli: Earthy and smoky, patchouli grounds the fragrance in sophistication, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Vetiver: Woody and smoky nuances create a robust foundation, offering depth and a touch of mystery to the final composition.

Valhalla Absolu, with its meticulously crafted note breakdown, invites you to experience a fragrance journey that unfolds with each distinct note, embodying strength, sophistication, and an adventurous spirit.