Vanilla Bean Dream inspired by Vanilla 28


Introducing Vanilla Bean Dream, a luxurious women's extrait de parfum fragrance that takes you on a sensual journey through the rich and enchanting world of vanilla. Indulge in the sweet and seductive aroma of Vanilla Bean Dream as it wraps you in a warm embrace. The fragrance opens with a burst of creamy Madagascar vanilla, entwined with hints of delicate orchid and luscious caramel. As the scent develops, notes of exotic tonka bean and smooth sandalwood add depth and sophistication, creating an alluring and irresistible allure. Finally, the base notes of amber and musk provide a sensual and lingering trail, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. Immerse yourself in the irresistible charm of Vanilla Bean Dream and let your dreams be filled with pure vanilla bliss.

Note Breakdown:

  • Top Notes: Madagascar vanilla, orchid, and caramel create a sweet and inviting opening that captures the essence of vanilla.
  • Middle Notes: Tonka bean and sandalwood add depth and sophistication to the fragrance, enhancing its sensuality and complexity.
  • Base Notes: Amber and musk provide a warm and lingering trail that leaves a captivating impression, enveloping you in a cloud of vanilla-infused dreams.